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SwiftIO Micro

SwiftIO Micro

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SwiftIO Micro is a high-performance microcontroller board specifically designed for seamless programming with Swift. It can serve as the brain for your electronic projects, allowing easy interfacing with LEDs, buttons, sensors, buzzers, and even connectivity to the vast world of the internet.

ATTENTION: If you are not sure whether our SDK works on your Mac, please visit this page to try the environment setup first. If you can build the demo example, then you are all set for using our hardware.

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Powerful Board

SwiftIO Micro is a high-performance microcontroller board designed for seamless programming with Swift. This board features a 600-MHz MCU with 32 MB of RAM and 16 MB of flash, capable of handling diverse tasks.

Simple Swift

Our platform offers a programming environment and a full Swift compiler that harnesses Swift’s high-level features. Say goodbye to mysterious crashes and hello to clean, safe, robust code for your hardware projects.

Extensive Libraries

Our hardware libraries handle low-level details, so you can focus on your projects without worrying about hardware integration intricacies.

  • 1. Connect🔌

    Connect the board to other devices using jumper wires or your preferred method.

  • 2. Code🧑‍💻

    Code the board in Swift to enable seamless interaction with other devices.

  • 3. Click🖱️

    Click "Build" and "Download" consecutively to download the project to the board.


  • MCU: NXP RT1062
  • Core: Arm Cortex-M7
  • Clock: 600 MHz Clock
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Flash: 16 MB
  • SD Card support
  • Onboard RGB LED
  • USB-C connector
  • Download and Reset buttons
  • 44 IO pins: 44 GPIOs, 14 ADC, 14 PWM, 2 I2C, 2 SPI, 3 UART, 1 I2S, 1 CAN

Bring Your Ideas To Life

SwiftIO Micro is built for top-notch performance and stability, making it the perfect choice for your electronic projects. Easily program it to work with sensors, actuators, and effortlessly connect to the internet.