A swift way to interact with the physical world

What is MadMachine

A complete system for you to code in the physical world
Powerful boards and learning kits to interact with the physical world.

Powerful hardware

Interact with physical world

Use sensors to detect its surroundings, then express the results through different output devices.

Swift driven software

Code in a modern way

Swift is a powerful, efficient and safe programming language. It absorbs many other languages’ features without affecting the real-time performance of the embedded system. It’s one of the few modern languages suitable for microcontroller programming.
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MadMachine IDE
A beginner-friendly environment to program your board
A useful CLI tool to create and compile your projects
A series support to make the hardware programming more accessible

Detailed documentation

Start your project step-by-step

Start with the tutorials, learn and dive deep.
1import SwiftIO
2import MadBoard
5public struct Blink {
6 public static func main() {
7 // Initialize three LEDs.
8 let red = DigitalOut(Id.D16)
9 let green = DigitalOut(Id.D17)
10 let blue = DigitalOut(Id.D18)
12 // The code here will run all the time.
13 while true {
14 // Turn on red LED for 1 second, then off.
15 red.write(true)
16 sleep(ms: 1000)
17 red.write(false)
19 // Turn on green LED for 1 second, then off.
20 green.write(true)
21 sleep(ms: 1000)
22 green.write(false)
24 // Turn on blue LED for 1 second, then off.
25 blue.high()
26 sleep(ms: 1000)
27 blue.low()
28 }
29 }
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