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SwiftIO Playground Kit

SwiftIO Playground Kit

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Your perfect entry into the Embedded Swift world

Whether you're a hobbyist or a pro, the SwiftIO Playground Kit offers an engaging learning experience. Let's unlock the full potential of Embedded Swift together!

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  • No Extra Wiring

    All modules come pre-wired, eliminating the need for soldering or debugging hardware connections.

  • No Prior Knowledge

    Dive into our tutorials, and we'll guide you through the exciting world of electronics concepts and programming basics.

  • Explore, Create, Innovate

    Learn by doing! Explore demos for hands-on experience with LEDs, buzzers, sensors, screens, speakers, and more.

14 Parts, 1 Compact Board

The SwiftIO Playground Kit packs everything you need to delve into hardware coding and turn your creative idea into reality.

1. Shield with ESP32-C3

2. LCD

3. LED

4. USB-Serial Converter

5. Potentiometer

6. Button

7. Buzzer

8. SwiftIO Micro

9. Speaker

10. Real-Time Clock

11. Accelerometer

12. Button

13. Potentiometer

14. Humiture

  • 1. Connect🔌

    No need for additional wiring! Just connect the board to your computer using a USB cable.

  • 2. Code🧑‍💻

    Code the board in Swift to enable seamless interaction with other devices.

  • 3. Click🖱️

    Simply click the "Build" and "Download" buttons successively to download the project to the board.

Tutorial Video

True Swift Experience

Our platform offers a programming environment and a full Swift compiler that harnesses Swift’s high-level features. Say goodbye to mysterious crashes and hello to clean, safe, robust code for your hardware projects.

Easy Coding with Versatile Libraries

We've created libraries to handle low-level complexities. Now, create projects without worrying about intricate hardware details - simply use these libraries to streamline your development process.

Powerful Main Board

SwiftIO Micro, the brain of this kit, is a high-performance microcontroller board designed for seamless programming with Swift. This board features a 600-MHz MCU with 32 MB of RAM and 16 MB of flash, capable of handling diverse tasks.

Leran more
  • Swift Coding Mastery

    Start by writing Swift to control LEDs, read sensors, and explore more! Learn fundamental language usage while interacting with various devices.

  • Embedded Wizard Exploration

    Interact with sensors and actuators. Gain hands-on microcontroller experience and understand embedded systems fundamentals.

  • Overall Skill Set Enhancement

    Hardware programming offers insights for optimizing apps, while mastering high-level skills helps structure embedded projects effectively.

Diverse Ideas, Infinite Possibilities

With these modules, your project possibilities are only limited by your imagination:

  • Reflex game
  • Music player
  • Alarm clock
  • Weather display
  • Classic games like Pong, Breakout, Tetris...
  • and more

Project Demos