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SwiftIO Playground Kit

SwiftIO Playground Kit

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Your perfect entry into the Embedded Swift world

Whether you're a hobbyist or a pro, the SwiftIO Playground Kit offers an engaging learning experience. Let's unlock the full potential of Embedded Swift together!


ATTENTION: If you are not sure whether our SDK works on your Mac, please visit this page to try the environment setup first. If you can build the demo example, then you are all set for using our hardware.

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  • No Extra Wiring

    All modules come pre-wired, eliminating the need for soldering or debugging hardware connections.

  • No Prior Knowledge

    Dive into our tutorials, and we'll guide you through the exciting world of electronics concepts and programming basics.

  • Explore, Create, Innovate

    Learn by doing! Explore demos for hands-on experience with LEDs, buzzers, sensors, screens, speakers, and more.

14 Parts, 1 Compact Board

The SwiftIO Playground Kit packs everything you need to delve into hardware coding and turn your creative idea into reality.

1. Shield with ESP32-C3

2. LCD

3. LED

4. USB-Serial Converter

5. Potentiometer

6. Button

7. Buzzer

8. SwiftIO Micro

9. Speaker

10. Real-Time Clock

11. Accelerometer

12. Button

13. Potentiometer

14. Humiture

  • 1. Connect🔌

    No need for additional wiring! Just connect the board to your computer using a USB cable.

  • 2. Code🧑‍💻

    Code the board in Swift to enable seamless interaction with other devices.

  • 3. Click🖱️

    Simply click the "Build" and "Download" buttons successively to download the project to the board.

Tutorial Video

True Swift Experience

Our platform offers a programming environment and a full Swift compiler that harnesses Swift’s high-level features. Say goodbye to mysterious crashes and hello to clean, safe, robust code for your hardware projects.

Easy Coding with Versatile Libraries

We've created libraries to handle low-level complexities. Now, create projects without worrying about intricate hardware details - simply use these libraries to streamline your development process.

Powerful Main Board

SwiftIO Micro, the brain of this kit, is a high-performance microcontroller board designed for seamless programming with Swift. This board features a 600-MHz MCU with 32 MB of RAM and 16 MB of flash, capable of handling diverse tasks.

Learn more
  • Swift Coding Mastery

    Start by writing Swift to control LEDs, read sensors, and explore more! Learn fundamental language usage while interacting with various devices.

  • Embedded Wizard Exploration

    Interact with sensors and actuators. Gain hands-on microcontroller experience and understand embedded systems fundamentals.

  • Overall Skill Set Enhancement

    Hardware programming offers insights for optimizing apps, while mastering high-level skills helps structure embedded projects effectively.

Diverse Ideas, Infinite Possibilities

With these modules, your project possibilities are only limited by your imagination:

  • Reflex game
  • Music player
  • Alarm clock
  • Weather display
  • Classic games like Pong, Breakout, Tetris...
  • and more

Project Demos